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EureekaBI (U-ree-ka bee-i) is a business intelligence and analytics company helping supply chain professionals understand the market. We make the logistics process easier for you, while accurately forecasting freight rates, speeding up the RFP process and helping you make more logic-based, data-driven decisions. We do it all for you in one place - the EureekaBI dashboard!
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Our dashboard uses historical data to make sure you know when to enter a market and at what price. Our Truck Rate Report gives you an industry advantage by comparing your truckload rates versus your competitors. You will see accurate price ranges that lead you in the best direction possible.


Eureeka is built on four pillars, each of which properly demonstrates our commitment to providing each customer with a valuable experience. The goal is to develop a long-lasting partnership through:
  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Data Transformation


1. Gathering External & Internal Data
The first step is to aggregate data, including information from your company, manufacturers, retailers, public and private sources. Our data is validated and standardized to give you a reliable experience.
2. Pricing Forecasts
Using EureekaBI's collection of data, freight rate index and predictive analytics, our clients have found they can notice trends not easily seen otherwise, accurately gauge price and land the sale.
3. Making Fact-Based Decisions
Now that you've got all this new information at your fingertips, you can easily see trends and make more informed decisions.



Scotlynn reduces truck rate research by 40% with EureekaBI

Executive Summary

Many brokerage companies want to grow their business, but completing Request for Proposals or RFPs as they’re commonly called can be a tedious and time consuming task. Scotlynn was no exception and found themselves spending exorbitant amounts of time with both current and prospective customer RFPs.

Scotlynn USA Division’s Director of Government Services, Dave Waddle worked with Eureekabi to explore this problem. Eureeka first took a look at the RFP requirements then developed an RFP Analyzer. Eureeka’s software allows Scotlynn to prepare lane and state to state rates.

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Scotlynn acknowledged that RFPs are a critical part to keeping and growing customers.


Shippers and suppliers see RFPs as a way to effectively lock in pricing and reduce the time spent procuring transportation. For a broker like Scotlynn, that was an exhaustive process. Scotlynn was looking for a way to speed up their decision making capabilities. Dave Waddle stated he had large RFPs that could take weeks to complete. Sometimes, he couldn’t spend the time necessary to research every lane, so he responded to only limited lanes or avoided the RFP all together.

Prior to using Eureeka, Scotlynn reviewed internal rate history and used other external sources to establish a rate. Disappointingly, sometimes they didn’t find sufficient data on lanes and/or mode. In some instances, they wouldn’t submit rates because of a lack of confidence to obtain truck capacity at a profit. With Eureeka, Scotlynn could gain access to lanes they weren’t familiar with and compete on more business.

Scotlynn completes more RFPs in less time

Strategically, Eureeka helped on a daily basis to aid in submitting both short and long term RFPs. It allowed Scotlynn the ability to look at history of lanes through all facets of the industry.

Through Eureeka’s proprietary RFP Analyzer, Scotlynn completed large RFPs consisting of thousands of lanes. Scotlynn obtained forecasted prices up to 18 months into the future.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The use of Eureeka has decreased man hours used to determine rates on large multi lane RFP’s by 40%. Scotlynn was then able to better focus on developing new business.

Prior to Eureeka we really didn’t have a solid way of gauging history for specific lanes. The use of Eureeka has put us in a more strategic and competitive field with our customers. ~
Dave Waddle
Director of Government Services
Scotlynn USA Division

With the ability to complete more RFPs with greater insight, win more bids and focus on their customers, Scotlynn improved overall operations. When Scotlynn was looking for some feature enhancements, Eureeka was able to deliver in a timely manner.

Building on the success of efficiently completing more RFPs, Eureeka and Scotlynn are exploring ways to quantify awarded business.

Eureeka is a premier sponsor of the 2nd annual National Minority Trucker Association. Stop by our booth #210 in Atlanta on Saturday May 14th for this great educational event.

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Join Eureekabi at the 42nd Annual Transportation and Logistics Council 42nd Annual Conference where our president will be on a Panel of experts discussing how Eureeka's RFP analyzer helped a customer save 40% time. This year it's in Albuquerque, NM May 2nd- May 4th.

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Eureeka gave a webinar for Prophecy see below.

NEW BRITAIN — When Kevin Miles discovered problems with supermarket pricing, he realized if he could find a way to determine prices it could be his ticket to entrepreneurship.

His business, Eureeka BI (Business Intelligence) is a Central Connecticut State University-Institute of Technology & Business Development incubator company. It helps supply chain professionals understand the market and make better decisions. The company has been in business for two years.

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Stop by booth 502 for a live demo

April 15-18, 2015

Orlando, FL

New Britain, CT - EureekaBi, a Connecticut based business intelligence and analytics company, welcomes acceptance into the Valley Ventures Mentors Inaugural Accelerated Cohort, a rigorous mentor-ship program designed for startup companies. As a new contender, EureekaBi will join twenty nine other start-up companies in a sixteen week training program. According to the Valley Venture Mentors, the program is designed around a "lean launchpad curriculum and three main causes of startup death: failing to achieve product market-fit, premature scaling, and team member dynamics."

"I'm really excited about being accepted into the program and look forward to learning from experienced professionals and future company growth," said Co-Founder, Kevin Miles.

The cohort is scheduled to run for four months of programming beginning in January of 2015. Throughout these four months, contenders will undergo an intense training based in heavy mentoring and investment subjects, qualifying them to win grants of $50,000 each with no equity. In addition, members will be required to attend two meetings a month in Springfield, MA and will also participate in training groups. Each startup will be allotted free office space in downtown Springfield.

Join us on the road to discovery! In our data-driven environment, we value individuals that want to collaborate and are passionate about the data story. We are always looking to strengthen our team, improve our product and provide new insight to customers.



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